Saturday, January 29, 2005

Where did it go? & Ice & OW!!!

Just a quicky because I have loads of things to do today. First of all, if anyone was wondering where Crochetville is last night and today, don't worry, I'm wondering too. It seems the rampant server issues that ezBoard has been having lately have hit us with a vengeance. Yes, Crochetville is moving to a new site sometime in the next few months, but we haven't moved yet. Don't worry! We won't leave anyone behind!

We've had a rain and ice storm come through here last night and it should continue throughout the day. So far we have a half-inch or so of ice built up on the decks and trees, and it is raining and sleeting right now. The road hasn't started to freeze badly yet but they expect that later today.

In the OW portion of the blog entry for today, my sweetheart slipped on the ice last night and did something to his leg. He's not in pain other than the moving around part and absolutely refuses a trip to the hospital. My frown may be permanent today. No swelling, no bruising, but the decided inability to put any weight on it has me insisting on his staying in one place, preferably still and plied with coffee. In fact, I'm going to get coffee myself, build a fire in the fireplace and watch Maisie try to ice skate on the deck. At least when she falls out there, she's a lot closer to the surface than my poor sweetheart was.