Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Catching Up...

I've spent the last two days flat on my back during prime crocheting time. Yesterday was a bad personal day (hey, I don't share everything, it just seems that way because I don't know when to stop blabbing) and today was due to a rebelling nerve in my upper back making me not want to sit upright for any length of time. Hopefully a good night's sleep will make the nerve relax because tomorrow is Thread Thursday and I'm ready to start another doily.

  • The 63 Squares. I guess I think if I keep them front and center I'll shame myself into actually picking it up again.

  • Rick's lapghan. This one is getting closer to being picked up. Mainly due to my feelings of guilt because I promised it would be done months ago.

  • The All-Season Shawl. I've been picking at it, a little here, a little there. It's growing slowly but it is growing. I should have it finished when the temperatures hit 90° again.

  • Troop Hats. The numbers are still climbing. I set a deadline to get the hats to me for February 23 (next Wednesday). I think that will still give me time to get any late arrivals matched so I can start sending boxes out by the 1st of March. That is my goal.

  • Lacy Poncho times two. Does it count that I can see the yarn for it and I want to get started on it?

  • The next doily. One from this site. I just haven't decided which one in particular yet. Thanks Vera for the link!

Happy Birthday, Crochetville!!