Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Clearing the Cache

I tried really hard to find a picture of the Moda Dea Cache online with no real luck. Bron has a picture of it on her blog, here (in just the color I liked, too). I questioned the fulling ability of the yarn so I didn't buy it - plus there wasn't very much of it at all. That's what I come here for, I know I can get the answers to my questions. :o) Knowing the Landscapes would felt, I knew it could be possible but don't really trust my own judgement yet either. I thought it would make a very cute little bag, but I have to admit I can't see me using a bag made out of the yarn. I really liked it, and it wouldn't take much to tempt me to give it a try. It would make a really nice eyeglass case though, but I would be surprised if there was enough there to get two. Provided, of course, it would felt.