Friday, February 25, 2005


Dawn asked a few days ago - What holds your hooks? (For some reason this totally reminds me of the 'What's in your wallet?' commericals on television. I keep saying it with the same inflection. Yes, I'm very weird. But you're doing it now too, aren't you?)

It sits on my night table beside the bed, well, not at the moment I took the picture. But I do most of my crocheting in the bedroom while sitting on the bed, so that of course is the perfect place for my hooks. I have a quilted hook holder which at the moment is nearly empty, only one or two yarn needles inside. If I travel (never happens, certainly not for overnight) then I will use the hook holder to bring all my hooks. You never know what you're going to need on a trip. I could pack a suitcase with nothing but yarn for just-in-case.

Lately I'm in a high state of 'covet'. I got the new spring Patternworks catalog in the mail a couple of days ago. I haven't opened it yet. The cover is enough to do me in and make me want to roll around on all of that gorgeous yarn.

See that little bit of light blue laceweight on the right side. I haven't looked to see what it is yet, but it's definitely covet-worthy. I don't really want laceweight yarn, it's lovely and gorgeous and oh so soft, but I'm not a laceweight shawl wearing type of gal. I'd make it, be scared to death to wear it and it would end up folded away somewhere safe. So I just look at it on the cover of the catalog. One of these days I'll actually open it and look inside.

I'm also drooling over coveting the doilies in the leaflet A Year of Doilies book 3. Click on the link and look at the front and back cover, s'ok. I won it off eBay last week and it arrived a few days ago. I wanted it because of the motif doily on the back, isn't that beautiful? I have looked inside this one, and truly I just don't know where to start. It's full of gorgeous, beautiful doilies. I would love to own each and every one of them inside - well, there are maybe three of the twelve which I probably wouldn't be so enthused with. The rest I can picture on my hook and I don't know which one to begin with. It's a guarantee that if I start with one I'll be wishing soon I'd worked on the other. Impatient, that's me. I should draw from a hat to decide which one I'd do, except it would never end because I'd never be happy with the random choice. Maybe I'll just let Rick pick. Poor man, what if he doesn't get it right and has to choose 42 times before I'm happy?