Wednesday, February 02, 2005


What does it say about me that when I do a Google search this morning for 'crocheted pineapple shawls', my own blog comes up three times on the fourth page back? Could it be, do I have shawls on the brain??? Perhaps that is why I was up until 2:00am last night, flipping through my Crochet Stitch Bible. So then why did I get up at 8:00am when I could have slept in, with the rain merrily tapping away on the roof this morning.

I've got too many things to do, I shouldn't create another one for myself just because I want to play with a new yarn. That's not right! Natural, sure, but not right! Now I'll spend all day dreaming of bright colors and fluttery shawls.

It's officially WIP Wednesday, so I'll lay my cards out and then get to work.

~ Troop hats, check the sidebar for the current totals.

~ 63 Squares. I think it's beginning to taunt me now, those 31 squares I've finished so far. Stacked up neatly, edged and all the ends worked in. Only halfway... What happened Julie, can't you figure me out?? Yes, I can! I just have no willpower to finish what I've started and to stop adding new projects.

~ Rick's lapghan. The stack of those squares is being taken over by hats. They are multiplying as fast as I can work on them, hiding everything beneath them. It must be the camouflage colors.

~ The All-Season Shawl has also been neglected for the hats. How can I think of another shawl (dare I use the D word - design) if I can't finish this one? And I desperately want to make Holly's Butterfly Wing shawl too.

~ Chelle's Lacy Poncho. One down, two more to go!

Before I forget, check out the new Crochetme Magazine, lots of new patterns to torture myself with. :o)