Monday, February 21, 2005

June's Little Beauty

Late last night during a game of Scrabble, I finished and blocked this doily. That may well be why I lost the game; too busy placing pins to think of the next word to play. I really enjoyed working on this one, it is a bit bigger than I thought it would be. A very pleasant surprise there, considering my doilies are usually smaller. Not a lot bigger, mind you, but I'll take it!

The pattern comes from Panda Crochets and is June's Little Beauty. It was pretty easy to stitch, and very nicely laid flat for me until the last few rounds. In hindsight I do wish I used two different colors of thread, I think that is what drew me to that pattern in the first place. I used JP Coats Royale thread in Peach, size 10, and a #5 hook. The doily is 9 inches in diameter. Thank you Vera, for sharing the link to the website with me.

Looking back over it, I just realized I totally missed a direction in the pattern, and there are missing picots!! Ack! The recipient won't know, but how could I have missed such an obvious step? And I like making picots!