Friday, February 18, 2005


Sitting here this evening watching my nephew play on his computer in Florida over the webcam. I wonder what I could send to him that he would be interested in - his sister is easy, she likes ponchos. I feel bad sending her something and nothing for him. I wonder if he would want a cape à la Spiderman. Though living in NW Florida pretty much negates the need for a cape. Something spidery though, to give him a thrill. It will give me something to Google later.

Did I ever mention, speaking of Googling, that I have a myHq page? I don't believe I have. Almost any time I find something that I think is interesting or worth referring back to at a later date, I add it to the list. Want to see it? Okay, click here - Yarngirl's Favorite Links. (I need to link it on my sidebar but I'm too tired at the moment to make a button for it. And as I can see the button in my mind, the button will wait until tomorrow perhaps.) If you aren't familiar with the myHq pages, it's free to sign up and very easy to add links to the page. Because I've had relatively bad luck keeping a computer operational for more than 12 months a stretch, this has been a great way for me to hang on to bookmarks without having to gather them again after I've lost the files. These are mostly patterns that I am interested in, or think I could be interested in someday in the future.

I am nearly finished with another doily, hopefully I will have something to show off sometime this weekend. Truly, I'm searching for the F in FO. Lately I feel like I keep stitching but nothing gets finished. I received the new Annie's Attic catalog in the mail today and studied the doily pattern books. There are some really nice ones, I'm very tempted.

Is there such a thing as WIP Acquisition Syndrome? I think I've got it.