Monday, April 04, 2005

It's snowing!

Okay, let's not get too technical. So it's not really snowing, but I'll bet if given the chance most of you who are still dealing with real snow wish it was this kind instead. Not so cold and wet to walk through. Though the person that steps on one of my snowflakes is going to get in big trouble!

I only made one snowflake today, I just didn't have the time for more. I paid the bills first thing, and then after I ensured that the checkbook was done flinging bits of paper into envelopes I started to work on the fun stuff. I wound a ball of the Opera thread that Jess sent me with the iridescent lurex. Make a note, go order the iridescent if you've been debating on it for snowflakes. It's by far the nicest look, at least for the clear or white lurexes (lurexi?). The silver is very good too, but this is my favorite. Depending on the angle to the light, you can see sparkles of soft blue, lavender, pink or gold. What's not to love about that?

I just wish my camera could pick up the colors for you.