Thursday, April 28, 2005

Top 100 Crochet & Hook Sites List

I hardly know what to say. I created that list over a year ago to feature all of my (our) favorite sites. The hosting site, TopSite Lists, has had no end of problems since the beginning but usually things were fixed and the list would continue. In mid-February of this year, the list stopped updating. This wasn't because of anything I had done on my end, the whole network stopped working. We, the list owners, were told this was a server transfer with multiple errors but that it was being worked on. I held my breath, big mistake. I watched and waited.

Late last night, I checked my Top 100 list just before going to bed. I checked several times a day to see if it had been updated but of course there was never any change. Until last night. They (the hosting site owners) have apparently abandoned the project entirely. The domain name has been allowed to expire without notice or any sort of warning. There is NO technical support at this point in time. I am incredibly upset and incredibly embarrassed. I don't really know what else to say.

For the record I did use their free list hosting service, but at no time were the paid lists getting any better treatment. Their lists stopped working just as mine did. My goal and hope now is to find another hosting service. I enjoyed having the list for the most part and was always amazed and thrilled at the traffic it generated to my sites and the others on the list. I'm happy to take suggestions for other list hosting sites if anyone knows of some they've used and liked.