Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Under The Wire

Just. Since all of our mother-type people live out of state, I decided today was the absolute last day to get things in the mail if I have a shot of them arriving on time for Mother's Day this coming Sunday. It could well be that I'm too late anyway, but in any case, I finished five roses.

The picture isn't so great as I took it two minutes before I began racing about, trying to get things packaged up and ready to mail. Each of the roses are now on their way fabulous, fun-filled destinations: Florida, California, Nevada and Michigan. Don't get lost little flowers! I made it to the post office with 10 minutes to spare, not bad at all.

Oh, and imagine my joy surprise to realize I had miscounted relatives. How I did that I don't know; I thought I needed seven but in reality I only needed six. I ended up not making one for my sister who probably wouldn't have appreciated it so much anyway. I'll send her a Johnny Depp dvd to be determined later to make up for it. She'll be much happier and only have to argue with my nephew for television time when the Atlanta Braves aren't playing on television. Boy does he get excited! :o)