Saturday, June 18, 2005

DSL and yarn goodies

What a day! Yesterday afternoon our ISP was changed which has resulted in all kinds of interesting nervous breakdowns developments. Almost immediately I started getting change of password notifications from my old ISP email addresses. Those led to other various warnings and threats purporting to be from the email host. At first I thought perhaps it was related to the change but have since discovered that it's apparently an amazing coincidence. Still enough to give me pangs of concern throughout yesterday and today. The new ISP people set up the account name wrong and changed it for us, which then caused a service outage which finally ended when we drove 50 miles round-trip to have them reset our DSL modem tonight. We got back home around 9:15pm. If you know us you'll know that we very rarely if ever venture out of the house past 8:00pm; we are home bodies to the extreme. The tech support 'office' looked like it was anything but an office. Overflowing trash cans everywhere, cigarette smoke so thick in the air you could see it hanging. We are having serious reservations if this is the ISP we need to be with and may well change again, back to where we were I guess. They are the only other DSL in the area. Plus I can't get into my ISP supplied email account, which I usually use for family members. That in itself is not a problem, I can set up something else, but added to the list of other problems and I'm not sure what we're going to do next. If by some chance we turn off the computers tonight and you send me an email, then don't hear from me for a few days I hope you'll understand why.

We went to Hobby Lobby the other day (I have to have some sort of fiber related content after all!). I was not happy to see half of the shelves stripped bare. Rick found several extra large cardboard boxes full of yarn. I have no idea if they were to be stocked or just pulled from the shelves, but we scavanged through them anyway.

It wasn't the best selections in any case; unless everything was spread out over multiple boxes, I bought all of each of those colors they had. I will make kerchiefs with the cotton I think, and perhaps use the Senso for bookmarks for the bookmark swap. I also bought the Ultimate Guide to Pineapples for Your Home leaflet and Flower Garden Pineapple Doilies while we were there. I love the doily on the cover of the second book, I'm going to have to make that one sooner or later.

If I can tear myself away from 63 Squares. I'm up to number 50 now.

Actually, that means I'm up to number 51 now. Only 12 more to go.