Monday, June 13, 2005

Points for Today

~ No matter how much you think you have - 200g of yarn probably isn't enough for a shawl.

~ England is a really long way away when you don't have enough yarn and the yarn has a British accent.

~ Just because I like a snowflake doesn't mean it's going to like me.

~ Going to the mall only once a year and so many months means that you actually look forward to the trip (in a weird, twisted sort of way).

~ Beagles really never stop barking.

~ The phone doesn't ring when you're expecting a call about a certain shawl and doily sent through the mail.

~ It's always most humid just before bedtime. Or, 2:30 in the afternoon. Both, actually, it's a toss up.

~ Oddly enough, when you can't find a #6 hook that you were just using you can always find it in your seat when you get up. No matter how hard you searched for it while you were still sitting down.