Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Senso, spyware-o and yarn hunt-o

I have a couple of observations about the Senso, not that I've used it yet. I've been too busy playing with the 63 Squares and the shawl (more on that further down). The DMC Senso I bought is a wool/cotton blend, kind of slubby looking and very soft to the touch. They actually had more than one type of the Senso at Hobby Lobby, but I liked the looks of this one the best. There was also a nice variegated thread too, it reminds me of a very skinny TLC Wiggles. There is also a linen and a regular crochet thread, all in size three.

Not only have I been battling ISP and DSL problems this week, I've also had a war with spyware to contend with too. I thought at first I had a virus because things were really crazy here for a day or so. I finally managed to get rid of 40 (!) really nasty malware and spyware files on my computer, including some zipped files that I know I never clicked on. At the moment I'm clean (I think) and clear (I hope). I'll be running the programs everyday though to be sure.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you in a very big way to the wonderful Holly, Celeste and Karen. After posting about the shawl and my yarn hunt last week, these three ladies came swooping to my aid with helpful tips and suggestions to make finishing the shawl a possibility. Holly is the designer of the pattern I am using and has provided excellent ideas and suggestions for stretching the yarn that I have now as far as possible. Celeste has spent a good portion of her time sending emails to people and places overseas, including one gentleman who works for the manufacturer of the yarn and promised to check their warehouse for her (me) this week. Karen has checked online and hopes to be visiting her favorite LYS in England in the next week or so in the hope of finding the yarn. Apparently the yarn is discontinued and explains the difficulty in finding it. I am amazed and touched at the lengths Celeste and Karen are going to help track down the yarn. Even if we never manage to get more, I will always be thankful for their help and friendship.