Monday, June 27, 2005

Snowflakes vs. Squares

The debate that is going on in my head right now! Today is Snowflake Monday. I started square #61 last evening. I could finish them all today (or come very close), but it is Snowflake Monday after all. Waiting one or two more days to finish the squares isn't that big of a deal since I probably won't be joining them until the weather cools off somewhat. It would be so nice to have those squares finished though after well over a year of working on them. This will settle it. First person to come by and tell me what to do, squares or snowflakes, will get the minor thrill of bossing me around for a day. That doesn't happen often mind you, only a very select group of people get to crack a whip over my head on a daily basis. Actually, it's really just the dogs that boss me around here at home, other than that I'm very spoiled and don't get nagged at very often.

Speaking of snowflakes, I've been batting an idea around in my head for the last few days. Stay tuned to see if I do anything about it in the next couple of days.