Monday, June 27, 2005

Tina won!

Tina (who seems to be currently blogless but makes beautiful things all the same) said "I say snowflakes, the squares have waited this long, they can wait a little longer, right?"

The score was Snowflakes 2½ to Squares 3½, because Melissa said I could both. Tina was first though, and since I promised to do whatever I was told, I made snowflakes. If I didn't have to make a grocery store/post office run, I probably could have made three easily. Instead I only managed two.

Tina gets a prize for being the first to boss me around today (she even beat the dogs, that alone deserves an award!). I haven't yet decided what her prize will be but will send something to her on my next post office run.

Rick was so disappointed when I told him I was working on snowflakes today, he's just as excited as I am to see the squares so close to being finished. But tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow I will make great strides toward getting them done. I can hardly wait!