Wednesday, July 20, 2005

2 - 2, yep TWO

Lately everything seems to come in twos around here.

  • Two websites (that I'm currently working on building)

  • Two blogs (1+1=2)

  • Two doilies (the gift that keeps on giving)

  • Two cups of coffee (nothing wrong with that)

  • Two pints of Mint Chip Häagen Dazs (but not eaten at once, that would be bad)

  • Two inches of rain (from an incredible thunderstorm yesterday evening)

  • Two years old tomorrow (Maisie, the beagle)

  • Two times today I've had to restart my computer (it likes to crash, what can I say?)

  • Two times today I've had to set the time on the clocks (the power keeps going out because of lots of storms)

I'm sure there are even more twos if I take the time to think about it.

I was certain last night I was going to have finished a doily today. Since I stated that in two emails (another two!) and a conversation with Rick, of course I hardly had time to touch it at all. Maybe tomorrow. We'll be watching a movie in just a few minutes so I'll get two hours (!!) of quality stitching time in then for sure.

Has anyone else grown older while waiting for an order to come from Herrschners? The order I placed on the 11th still hasn't arrived though the tracking shows it has been in the "Jasper area" for two (cut it out!) days now. What's up with that?