Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dennis and thread do mix

But only as a form of therapy.

I've spent the last couple of days in a funk because of Hurricane Dennis tromping through the Gulf of Mexico. It's way too close to my parents and sister's family in Panama City Beach; I'm not a happy camper. I've spent more time looking at projections and forecasts and commiserating with Melissa (who is even closer than my folks to the assumed landfall) than much of anything else when I'm online. When I'm offline I'm calling my mother and sister and trying to sound optimistic and positive when I don't feel it so much myself. Don't believe it when the Weather Channel tells you the beaches are evacuated, it isn't true. People just aren't out socializing and having a good time.

I've started a Patricia Kristoffersen doily from Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies for Rick's sister. "Pineapple Passion" if anyone is keeping score. It's thread therapy and she and I are both excited about it. The pressure was on because she told me she wanted to frame it once she got it. It had to be a nice one, you know? So PK it is, making me happy because it's my first larger PK doily. Working on it in the evenings has been a good stress reliever for me.

Oh, and I got RAOKed today with the sweetest book from an anonymous Crochetville member. The sneaky lady put my return address on the envelope and didn't sign the card, I have no idea who sent it. I've not seen this leaflet before, "Sweet Christmas Angels" but they're just adorable. They use sport weight yarn and I particularly love #3 which is bottom right corner of the cover. She's perfect tree-topper size. Thank you so much to whomever RAOKed me, I love the book!