Monday, July 25, 2005

Doilies... er... SNOWFLAKES IN JULY!!!

I'll have you know I only have 2½ rounds to go on the Summer Splendor doily before it's finished. So close! It's for my mother, she has no idea it's coming and I have no deadline. Which, you know, is great because some nitwit I declared this week the Snowflakes in July week. My idea was that we'd all work on snowflakes together, all week long, every single day nothing but snowflakes. 39 people including myself stepped up and said this was a brilliant plan and are eagerly stitching at snowflakes at this very moment.


I'd really like to finish this doily though.

So on I go to snowflakes!! Unfortunately this morning I was suffering the affects of a minor stomach bug and could do little more but move Show-And-Tell posts from one section to another at Crochetville and/or stare blankly at the television. We'll most likely watch a movie later this evening and then I'll let my hook fly and whip up a flake to get the ball rolling here in Jasper.

I finally got my Herrschners order today, can you believe it? I'd ordered the Blue Ribbon Crochet book along with a snowflake doily pattern, a needle Chibi and some thread hook cushions. I linked Amazon though because I see the book is much cheaper there than at Herrschners. Somebody might as well save a buck and get it there faster than I did. I wanted it because of the doily pattern featured on the cover, I thought that was just beautiful. There are some equally impressive doilies inside, along with some gorgeous afghans and clothing. A nice book to add to any collection in my opinion.