Friday, July 22, 2005

Doilies in the Family

Even though I tend to be the one sending doilies to various family members across the country, yesterday we received two very precious doilies in the mail from Rick's sister.

They both were made in or prior to the 1920's by their grandmother. They have held up pretty well in the 75+ years since their creation, they need some careful cleaning and then we intend to frame them. The first is 14x10 inches in size and the second 18x11½ inches. I had a heck of a time taking pictures of them, my camera will not show the stitches clearly. The first doily looks like size 20 thread, while the second is possibly size 40 or above. I'd need to compare it in order to know for sure and size 40 is something I just don't have. VERY tiny stitches.

I did finish the Pineapple Passion doily yesterday, which by coincidence is going to Rick's sister. I won't post the photo until she receives it, I want her to be surprised and I've given her the links to my blog and Gallery. The camera also didn't do a very good job taking pictures of the doily - sigh. It's already on the way to California I can't do a thing about new pictures now. It may arrive tomorrow but I suspect Monday is more likely.