Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Flowering Mum

I've been doing a happy dance around the house today and it just now dawned on me why I'm so happy. This morning I finished the doily I've been working on for the last few days.

It's from The Ultimate Doily Book by ASN, a pattern by Yalanda Wiese. DMC Traditions size 10 thread with a #6 hook. This one was a quick stitch other than when I made a mistake on round 21 that I didn't catch until round 23 and had to frog back a whole day's worth of work. It's for us, Rick picked out the pattern and it is now on his side of the coffee table.

I bought a couple of doily patterns from Hass Designs a few days ago; the two snowman doilies, I'm a sucker for anything snow oriented - scroll down the pages to see them. I can't help it, I love snow and snowmen and if I lived further north I may not want to see anything to do with snow. They both call for size 20 thread of which I have none; the next time I go to Michaels I will buy a few balls. I have time, I want to do a doily for Rick's sister in California before I do anything else.

Or um... before I start another doily...

I laid out the 63 Squares while I waited for the doily to dry after blocking today. I used safety pins and they are now all in their proper places by the grid in the leaflet. I'm eager to start joining them, 90°F or not. Better to do it now I think than wait another month when it's near 100°F in the afternoons. Maybe moving north isn't such a bad idea after all.