Monday, August 01, 2005

Breaking News

The Snowflakes in July CAL is over and I for one had a blast. I got to talk about one of my favorite projects, snowflakes, with a lot of different people and we had some wonderful conversations. I loved to see the pictures of snowflakes that everyone was able to make, that has to be my favorite part of all. And they're still coming in! Don't forget, Snowflake Mondays are still going strong, so if you missed out on the CAL the calendar stays the same as far as snowflakes are concerned. Mondays are for snowflakes!

These are the flakes that I made:

There are individual photos as well in my Gallery, following the two photos I've linked here.

In doily news, Vera made this gorgeous doily, Hazelnut, from Coffee n' Creme Doilies. I instantly fell in love with it and rushed off to order the book before I looked at anything else. My copy arrived today (yay!) and I think I will be starting French Vanilla in the next day or so. I'd been planning on doing something oval for our dining room table but this one is speaking to me. I don't know if I can resist and stick to my oval plans. (If you read through the entry in Vera's blog that I linked, you can see the snowflakes that Vera made for the CAL.)

And finally, it's nearly moving day. Other than a final post at this URL stating that this blog has moved, this is the last post here at All future posts will be at so please change your bookmarks. I'll be switching the Bloglines subscription stuff so I think that'll technically stay the same if you read my blog that way (haven't really looked yet but think it's possible). I've moved some posts over to the new site but never could get the hang of importing my old posts from Blogger and so here they (apparently) must stay. Such is life. I'll still be migrating things over for some time to come, but I like the new template and formatting much better and am happy with how the blog works. I especially LOVE having all my stuff on the same domain/site.